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NFC Mini Tag

NFC mini tag
NFC is a short-range wireless communication technology. So what is the NFC Mini Tag and how does it relate to our lives? Usually NFC technology is non-contact, non-contact is near field communication exchange and reading messages.

NFC mini tag application scenario
1. Indoor home
Stick the NFC mini tag to the door and set it up to do things like turn on Wi-Fi, dim the light, and more.

2. When driving a car
Stick the NFC tag to the dashboard and set it to turn off Wi-Fi, turn on Bluetooth, connect to Bluetooth, etc. when it is inconvenient on the road.

3. Bedside table
Using the NFC Mini Tag in the bedside table, you can attach the tag to the bedside table and set it to turn off the sound, turn off the light, and turn down the light.

Of course, the function of NFC is not only that. As long as it is a function of life and NFC, it can realize the convenience of life. In short, the advancement of technology is a convenient life.