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NFC Smart Card

Smart cards are widely used in life. Bank cards, transportation cards, access cards, etc. Be all smart cards, but no matter how different the appearance and function of the smart card, the core part is the smart card. Built-in microchip. The NFC smart card belongs to the contactless card. NFC is generally short-range wireless communication.

Common NFC smart cards in life:
1. ID card
Starting from China’s second-generation ID card, the NFC chip specially made by the Ministry of Public Security have been adopted, and the confidentiality of the chip is high.

2. Transportation card
The traffic card is very widely used. With the intelligentization of the traffic travel field, it is believed that the form of the traffic card will change greatly in the future. The NFC functions transportation card used in the previous mobile phone has changed the form of the traffic card, as long as the mobile phone has the NFC function. It is possible to complete the transportation payment by turning on the NFC function of the mobile phone when taking the vehicle.

3. Access card
The access card is used for access control systems, such as access cards and parking cards. It is also an application in the field of NFC functions. When the user uses the access card, the access card with the NFC chip function is brought close to the sensing area, and the card is swiped into the management area, which effectively improves the management of the personnel.

Of course, the application of NFC smart card is not only the above, like other membership cards, social security cards, medical insurance cards and other cards can be applied to NFC functions, the era of IoT development, NFC smart cards have been popularized in various industries and fields.