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PVC Plastic Card

PVC plastic cards can be printed on one or both sides, usually by silk or offset printing. Each PVC plastic card has a different number, PIN or text. There are also areas where you can write. Can be in the form of a convex code. The numbers can be either in order or irregular numbers. The shape of the PVC card can be made into any irregular shape as required. PVC can be made into various VIP cards, loyalty cards, membership cards and other forms. The use of PVC cards can increase the customer’s return rate and increase the possibility of re-consumption.

PVC plastic card application
We know that PVC is a lightweight, waterproof and high temperature resistant material. It can be used in a wide range of applications, such as membership management, identification, consumer management systems, card payment, product identification, access control and other fields. Among them, the most widely used place in the consumer field, like the VIP cards and member score cards that are usually seen, are made of PVC materials. Therefore, PVC plastic cards are everywhere around us. So what is the price of making a PVC plastic card? In fact, different manufacturers have different price standards, most of which are based on different needs, and the price is different.