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RFID Anti-Metal Sticker

With the wide application of RFID technology, RFID products are constantly being promoted. Today, RFID technology has been applied in various fields, including logistics management, warehousing management, asset management and other places, which has enriched the RFID industry and promoted the development of RFID.

RFID anti-metal sticker characteristics
1, RFID anti-metal sticker can be customized to read the data, improve efficiency.
2, RFID anti-metal sticker can read long distance, and has superior anti-interference ability.
3, The data is stored for a long time, can be read at the same time with multiple tags, and can be applied flexibly.
4, The storage area can be encrypted and read and written, and the security is high.

With the wide application of RFID technology, metal tags are also widely used in various industries. For the rapid development of anti-metal labels, many people have doubts, how to choose the appropriate anti-metal labels, and how to resist metal labels. In fact, anti-metal labels use special circuit design, which can effectively prevent metal to RF signals. Interference, technically solve the problem that the electronic label can not be attached to the metal surface, and also has the characteristics of waterproof, acid proof and anti-fall.