Contactless IC Cards, Key tags


1. Type: Contactless Read & Write
2. Housing Material: ABS
3. Physical Size: 3.5cm*2.8cm or any size as clients’ requirement
4. Color: Black, Blue, Yellow, Red, Grey, Green or as clients’ requirement
5. Chip: ID Available at 125KHz nominal:EM4100, TK4100,etc
IC Available at 13.56MHz nominal: Mifare 1 S50, Mifare 1 S70, I-CODE etc.
6. Printing: Printable with silkscreen (no more than 2 colors).Customized logo and UID can be printed on the tag
7. Number and other Printing Options: Ink Jet Number, Laser Number and Chip Encoding
8. Operating Frequency: 125KHz or 13.56MHz