Barcode Card

Barcode Card

Barcode is a set of different widths, parallel adjacent section and empty, according to a certain degree of coding rules combined into symbols, can represent letters, numbers and other information, generally a bar code can hold less than 20 letters, digital information.

Bar-code technology is to study how to use bar code identification information, and identified by bar code to convert the information into a computer can recognize the language, the use of bar code technology for automatic identification.

Computer processing technology

Bar code / magnetic card reader is a bar code / magnetic card application system acquisition equipment, which can be quickly and accurately to capture the bar code / magnetic card, said data information, and the data sent to computer processing. Computer is a bar code / magnetic card applications in data storage and processing equipment. As computer storage capacity, computing speed, many complicated data processing work has become convenient, rapid, and timely. Computer used to manage, you can significantly reduce the various trades workers who labor intensity, improve work efficiency, which can be performed manually in some respects, can not be done. Barcode / magnetic card system, data processing technology is the key data processing technology. It can be said that whenever there is a computer database management system may be related to bar code / magnetic card devices.

Barcode card key technologies:

 Bar code card technology, the rapid development and widespread in many areas, and causing a lot of national attention, now in the world, engaged in bar code card technology and its family of products research and development, production and operation of up to thousands of vendors, products Up to thousands of species into a considerable scale high-tech industries.

Bar code card technology from the application point of view should cover the key points to be as follows:

1. Coding techniques

2. Loading Technology

3. Acquisition

4. Decoding Technology

5. Transmission technology

6. Treatment Technology
Barcode card equipment, technical indicators are in general made these points, different bar code card devices are generally due to their different points of the above points focus on the different surfaces produced for the application engineers to do to be on this for several the connotation of indicators have a clear understanding in order to facilitate selection.

1. Coding

Bar code, magnetic card information is loaded on numbers, letters, figures, letters, according to a certain standard after string of coded numbers. As the magnetic bar code vary widely, the following should be discussed separately.

 (1) Bar Coding Technology

Bar coding technology mainly related to bar coding rules and standards.

Bar code system for coding rules is to formulate standards and the bar code symbols to identify the main basis.

At present, the international system for commonly used code are the following:

① UPC Code

In 1973, the United States took the lead in the domestic business systems application. The code system is mainly used for business systems. The code length is fixed at 12.

 ② EAN code

In 1977, the European Economic Community countries in accordance with the UPC code standards of the EAN European Article Numbering Code. EAN Code There are two types: EAN-13 codes and EAN-8 Ma.

③ cross 25 yards

 Cross 25 yards (Interleaved 2 of 5 Code) is a variable length of continuous self-checking digital code system.

④ 39 Ma

Code 39 (Code 3 of 9) is a variable-length discrete self-checking letter of the word-type code system.

 ⑤ Codabar (codabar)

Codabar is a variable length of the discrete self-checking digital code system.

It is commonly used in warehouses, blood banks and air express package management work.

⑥ 128 Ma (Code128)

128 yards (Code128) is a continuous variable length alphanumeric code system.

 ⑦ China Post Code (China Post Code)

China Post Express special code.

⑧ Other codes: Code 93 (Code 93), 49 Ma (Code 49), 25 Ma (Code 2 of 5), 11 Ma (Code 11), matrix 25 yards (Matrix 2 of 5
System in the above code, our existing common code are the following:

① UPC / EAN code

② Single RS-232/RS-422 communication style

③ cascade RS232/RS-422 multi-computer communication style

④ RS-485 multi-computer communication style

China’s general merchandise bar

5, transmission technology

Transmission technology is the data communication technology through the bar code / magnetic card decoding of information transmitted to the computer related technology. Is usually already included in the decoder in the transmitter.

Common data transfer methods are:

① computer keyboard emulation type

② Single RS-232/RS-422 communication style

③ cascade RS232/RS-422 multi-computer communication style

 ④ RS-485 multi-computer communication style